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We help your company to scale by providing consultative talent solutions

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We are Berlin based HR  professionals with 15+ years of experience in helping companies to scale. Over the years we have been working with startups, we have learned what really matters when building a great organisation: finding the right people matching the growth phase of your company. 

As your Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development Partner we help your company to scale: by finding the right people and coaching your leaders to develop their team.

Rita Hambalko

Founder of Ruby Berlin HR Consulting

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Sofia Antali


Rita Hambalko


Katja Szarka

Katja Szarka

Katja Szarka


Christoph Grosse

Employer Branding Content Creator


Consultative Talent Solutions

Your  Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development Partner

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Interim Recruitment


Employer Branding

Hiring Process Audit

Interview coaching

Interview skills training

Sparring Partner People & Culture

Leadership Coaching

Let’s talk about leadership!

Our Services

What Service We Offer

Talent Acquisition Consulting, Interim Recruitment, Headhunting

Are you struggling to find the right talent in a highly competitive market?

As your external talent partner we support you from the beginning and help you to explore what kind of skills and expertise you need to bring into your organisation in order to reach your company goals.
We manage the entire hiring process, identify recruiting channels in order to build a funnel of potential candidates, conduct the first screening interviews and support you in making a final decision.

Hiring Process Audit

Is hiring super time consuming for you with little outcome?

We monitor your hiring process and help you to get faster in finding the right talent. We manage your candidate funnel , conduct the first screening interviews, save you time and help you to focus on the pre-selected candidates. We take care of everything from scratch: from writing the job description till the new employee signs the contract.

Sparring Partner People & Culture

Do you have as a Founder more and more people related topics on your table and do you need a sparring partner?

We are curious about the challenges you are facing and happy to share with you our learnings while having worked with 20+ high scaling startups like Babbel, Taxifix or Prezi.

Interview coaching, Interview skills training

You have never done interviews before and now you need to start hiring? You have experience in hiring but you would like to develop your interviewing skills?

We offer you interview coaching and interview skills training.
In a highly competitive job market candidate experience matters a lot. In each interview you conduct you represent your company. It is crucial to be able to be well prepared, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, be structured and able to lead the conversation and of course assess the candidate’s skills. We will show you how.

Employer Branding

Do you want to hire the same people Meta, Google, etc. is targeting?

We help you to put your company name out there and create a strong employer brand. We tell the job market your startup story, about your values and your culture. We connect your company with people who share your values and passion for the product they will be working on. We support you to find not only employees but ambassadors.
With our in-house content team we create a window for potential future employees where they can take a look into your everyday working life.

Let’s talk about leadership! Leadership Coaching

What makes a good leader? How to become the great leader you always wanted to be?

Leadership is a practicable learnable skill like any other.
By developing leaders and teaching them how to lead we will help you to create the right environment where employees will do a great job simply because they love what they do.


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What our clients say

Markus Witte

CEO at Babbel

“I worked with Rita in finding Babbel’s new VP of Didactics. It was a demanding search since there are rather view eligible candidates who have the language learning expertise, the digital product experience and the strategic acumen that we were looking for. We not only find a great fit for this role but we even extended the position to Chief Product Officer – a great addition to the senior management team that had and has a tremendous impact for the company.

Rita did this in her in-house position and worked with me and with various people from the didactics team. She handled the search extremely well in a way comparable to what you would expect from a top-notch search firm.”

Mathis Büchi

Co-Founder & CEO of Taxfix

“Rita took over temporarily the recruiting at Taxfix for 9 months. Unlike anyone she has a great understanding of people and a very friendly personality – a super important trait in recruiting. At the same time, she is structured and result-oriented in her work and delivers results. She was the perfect interim solution for recruiting at Taxfix and brought us many outstanding people. I would work with her again any day.”

Péter Halácsy

CEO at Budapest School & Co-Founder at Prezi

“If you want to jazz up your team and you want to hire bunch of people with an amazing speed then you shall work with Rita. Her energy, positive attitude and focus helped us to build an amazing team in Prezi.”

Lyudmila Barabash

Junior Software Engineer at Babbel

“I had the pleasure to work with Rita. She was my Manager for around 2 years.
Rita combines her numerous talents and skills in every task she takes part in. It doesn’t matter in what kind of field she works, she always does her best to get things done. Rita knows how to work with people and how to create a great atmosphere for a team and company. She makes the whole recruitment process very simple and straightforward. If you are looking for a reliable, considerate service and a recruiter who genuinely care about your applications, I would recommend working with Rita.
She has a unique ability to be detail orientated, hardworking and creative all at the same time. I’d wish everyone to have such a team lead!”